Our company having long experience in manufacturing all kinds of membranes suitable for a wide variety of machines and having created the appropriate infrastructure in the field of manufacturing every type of membrane keyboards is able to meet the needs of any level and technology of membrane keyboards.

We have the ability to manufacture simple membranes, membrane keyboards with a suitable boring (aluminum) background, membrane keyboards with internal metallic contacts to provide a mechanical feel of the button pressure.

There can be windows for LED displays of all colors of LCD, CRT, etc. With a suitable outer coating so that it is completely transparent to avoid the diffusion effect.

The construction materials are of excellent quality, with a high resistance to acid, grease, water, solvents, temperature (up to 140C), mechanical stress and all kinds of environments.

Each color can be created either by a simple indication of a color (color sample) or by the PANTONE color guide.

We can help with the design of the keyboard by providing our know-how or undertaking the entire construction of the keyboard.

It is also possible to manufacture spare keyboards to repair existing ones regardless of quantity.

In the field of mimicry charts we manufacture any size and shape for any possible use.





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