Silkscreen Printing

Our company has a long experience in printing of every kind, with the main axis of the silkscreen printing on any material.

Thus it can provide the following:

  • self-Adhesive membranes with european standards from polyester, polycarbonate (Lexan) and PVC, in different thicknesses, with a strong self-adhesive double-sided, suitable for industrial use.

metax 01

  • self-Adhesive labels of PVC, at constant basic factory colors of the JAC, the eight-year guarantee strength, as well as the series 50 of 3M . Of the 100 series of 3M in white and transparent, temperature resistance from -40 to 95 °C over a ten-year warranty.

metax 02

  • self-Adhesive signs from foil of a thickness of 0.1 mm .
  • Aluminium signs of a thickness of 0,6 mm and 1mm, with the possibility of mounting a strong self-adhesive double-sided or with a perforation at the corners so that it can be fastened with screws or rivets and the possibility of impulse-print six-digit serial number (S/N).
  • Flexible self-adhesive plates, high-style, veneered with special protective transparent material (three dimensional printing) with a thickness of 1 or 2mm, suitable for use in devices and machines with convex or concave surfaces.

pantoneThe printing of the colours is determined by the codes of the ΡΑΝΤΟΝΕ color guide.






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